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swgoh thrawn

Check out the new player index. New Discussion. Discussion List Discussion. Supersix September TheMaster July But it won't last forever started by ttvAntisthegoat. TVF May Desperate for a Tier 7 Win started by Astrodude For those who need help Chimaera reqs clarification started by EmpressOrgana. EmpressOrgana March Desertfox March Thrawn event started by Anakin1. Anakin1 February Chimaera started by Sanderzas. Sanderzas January Kwiatek November Need help beating tier 7 started by jawa CCyrilS November What gear do I need for Phoenix?

swgoh thrawn

Vendi August Artist of War nonsense started by KyoO DaarthBrewer August Lappen August Good Enough? Enrico August Would this cut it? MrPancakeGuy August Zeb mods started by Datachamann. Chimaera event overlapping Home one? Ravnos4 August Minimum Req.? KillerSwan13 August Enrico June Phoenix Squad Good Enough? Pentagon June Calculating Empire Leader who can halt enemies in their tracks, and grants Empire allies a new Special ability.

Characters: Deal Special damage to target enemy, grant them Speed Up for 1 turn, or if they already had Ability Block, inflict Stun for 1 turn instead. When this Speed Up expires, inflict Ability Block for 1 turn.

These effects can't be Resisted. This Fracture can't be Copied or Dispelled. This attack can't be Evaded or Resisted. Swap Turn Meter with target other ally.

SWGOH - G13 Thrawn - Is it worth it?

Arena Rating : Based on role, speed, damage, survival, and utility ratings, depicts relative unsynergized strength of a hero on a relative scale. Survival : Survival is rated based on expected mitigation against physical and special attacks, resist rate, and first turn self heal. Evasion rate is also included. Utility : Utility is rated based on the sum of utilities provided by abilities a hero possesses.

Toggle navigation. Remove Ads. View Manipulate Mechanics. View Fracture Mechanics. View Grand Admiral's Command Mechanics. View Legendary Strategist Mechanics.

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Granted Maneuver 3 turn cooldown. View Maneuver Mechanics. View Ebb and Flow Mechanics. Raid Gear 3. Shard Locations. Speed : Speed is rated based on the ticks a hero needs to take a turn. ShrimpBurger's Google Doc Got it!It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Home Discussions Best Of New player?

Check out the new player index. October 7, PM. Can't beat last tier of Thrawn event. Read a few tips from people who 7 starred him last time around and they had Phoenix at gear 8 and used ok mods.

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My Phoenix squad are gear 8 almost at gear 9 with ok mods and I can't even put a dent in the last battle. Using Hera as lead and not using chopper at all. Any advice would be appreciated. It's impossible you need more then g8 toons now. Anyone who says else wise has them zetad or god modded.

They also reworked thrawns AI so he is not a dummy. You might have been able to do it last time but it's been upgraded and updated. I'm in the same boat. Plus I'd say they are the hardest to gear as their requirements are better used on arena toons.

You need to open by dispeling the taunt with Ezra or Chopper. Then Zeb and Sabine need to get stagger onto the Death Troopers so their special buff goes away, otherwise they'll tear you apart. From there, kill the Death Troopers, then the Commanders, then the Stormtrooper, then finally Thrawn. Ezra and Sabine's job is doing damage to whatever you're trying to kill - but the others' job is making sure the team survives. Hera and Zeb should work together to stun Thrawn whenever Hera's not putting Backup Plan on someone remember Zeb can stun off of Expose if Hera lands it, so they can do this even when she doesn't have her assist call handyas he's the biggest threat but can't be killed quickly, so controlling him makes a big difference.

Above all, Zeb needs to live. If he dies, you lose a big chunk of protection on everyone from his unique, and you no longer get his protection regen. You won't last long without that. Speaking of, if you haven't yet, omegaing Kanan and Zeb's uniques helps a lot.Posted By: ljcool July 10, While I do not claim to have all of the answers in this game, I do my research and have used every toon I write about extensively.

Available to unlock for free this often gets overlooked in the Artist of War eventThrawn can be a real difference-maker on any roster.

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Some may suggest Speed or Offense mods, others Critical Chance. If you have another way that works you are welcome to share it with our readers in the comments below. I value Thrawn in SWGoH so highly that he was one of my first three characters to get a newly-sliced 6-dot mod. If you run him as a Leader and utilize the Maneuver ability well, you can ensure he gets to attack even more, but Thrawn as a leader is more of a Territory Battles or Territory War strategy.

I have used a full set of 4 Offense mods on Thrawn so that he hits were harder but switched to a Speed set of 4 as this makes Fracture more effective in my opinion. I recommend the use of a full Speed set of 4 and 2 Critical Chance mods on Thrawn with as much Speed as possible from the secondaries as well.

Here is my recommended approach for mods on Grand Admiral Thrawn:.

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It would be nice to have a snapshot of the Character with mods just to see the power totals so that it can be compared to other mods comparisons. Thanks for the feedback. There is already a lot of time that we put into each one of these characters to help the community. If that is something that we can work out in the future we will try to do so. I feel like this is probably an ignorant question, but why is crit chance and damage useful for thrawn?

CC and CD impacts special damage just like it doe with physical damage. That is a common point of confusion in the game. Thank you so much for this. We have been working on security updates for some time now and this kind of info is super important. I thank you for the comment as this is quite helpful and should be solved now. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Gadget67 July 10, at pm Reply. KillerFrenchy August 7, at pm Reply. Jorge August 28, at am Reply. Pode explicar. Alex Pearson September 1, at pm Reply. Leave a comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Grand Admiral Thrawn is one of the single best characters in the whole game.

From his leadership, his Ebb and Flow unique, his turn-meter and protection-increasing special, and his monstrously effective Fracture attack, Thrawn fits into nearly any team and has been part of the Arena meta since his introduction.

A superior character like Thrawn deserves a superior event. This guide aims to break down the required characters, the necessary gear, the specifics of the battles, and the details of how RNG factor into the event.

Artist of War

The Artist of War event requires Phoenix characters and, while there are six total members of the faction, the best team for the event is: Hera-Lead, Kanan, Zeb, Ezra, and Chopper. Sabine is one of the stronger members of the Phoenix faction, but for the purposes of this event, Chopper and Ezra are absolutely needed, while Kanan and Zeb should be considered required. Gearing Phoenix, however, requires a lot of high-level and difficult to attain gear to gear each member above Gear 8.

swgoh thrawn

While all characters eventually require the same pieces, few characters outside of Phoenix require the same amounts of each piece nor require multiples at as low as Gear 8. Further break down of gearing Phoenix to G8, G9, and G10 is available here.

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swgoh thrawn

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